The Dilemma of Bedclothes

I'm guessing that Micah gets hot. That's why he walks around in his boxers when he's at home. Otherwise, I have no explanation. Maybe he needs to destress after school? But that doesn't explain the days he's not at school. I guess it's his comfort zone. Each to his own, you know? We make sure he has clothing on when company is here, but if he wants to walk around in his undershorts in his own house, we're alright with that.

But recently, he's been taking his pajamas off at night. We get him ready for bed, put pajamas on him, and send him down the hall to get in bed with one of his brothers. (Yes! We do! He no longer goes to sleep in our bed, only to be carried down the hall sometime after he falls asleep. It's kinda nice, really. Okay, it's REALLY nice. Carrying that boy down the hall at the end of a long and exhausting day, staggering under his dead weight, was becoming a safety hazard.) But somewhere between the time we see his little backside retreating down the hallway, and the time he gets up at the crack of dawn, he loses those pajamas we took time to make him put on.

It took us a while to realize that he was undressing because Luke has taken to sleeping in his skivvies. (What is it with boys wanting to just wear their underwear?) Always wanting to do what his older brother does, of course Micah would sleep in his underwear if that's what the big boys do. Plus, hello! The boy just loves walking around in his boxers.

This is a problem, though, because while Luke can manage to stay under the covers all night to keep warm, Micah does not. Mr. I Thrash and Kick and Toss stays covered for all of 21 minutes before he's happily exposed to cold air. Without those pajamas that we take time to make him don, he gets really cold. And when he's really cold, he wakes up, walks down the hall, and joins us in bed to warm up again. The only thing worse than 70 pounds of thrashing, kicking, and tossing, is an ice cube thrashing, kicking, and tossing in bed with you. Something had to be done.

I bought Luke pajamas. More pajamas. And I got them on sale during a Black Friday sale, too. Problem solved, and money saved. I rock. I also insisted that Luke wear his new pajamas, and we sent the boys upstairs to bed. Annnnd several hours later, a thrashing ice block joined us in bed.

Turns out, both of Micah's big brothers have the same sleeping habit. And Micah will find the one that allows him to dress the way he loves. Or undress, as the case may be. I think I'm going to have to buy more pajamas. I wonder if 14 year old boys love super hero PJs?

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Colleen - Mommy Always Wins said...

My boys love to sleep sans PJs, too! I don't know what it is...its so cold these days I couldn't imagine being warm enough to WANT to take off my PJs, but apparently, they do!