The Awesome in Today

There are moments of every day that are kind of awesome. Big things like puppies being born and  birthdays, or small things like an awesome drawing by one of the kids or a colorful sunset. It's those moments that make life fun. Most days, I go out of my way to see the awesome. Sometimes I need to see things through the kids' eyes to realize awesome is happening. Sometimes I can see it all by myself without their help.

Today, there was a tiny little awesome that Micah created and I happened to notice all by myself. (Some days, I'm on my A Game. And really, it was hard to miss.)

I truly wonder what I did before kids. Where was the awesome then?


Tara said...

That is awesome and would have totally made my list of One Thousand Gifts had it happened at my house. :)

Oh, and before kids, I was so self absorbed, nothing was nearly as awesome as they are every single day.

Karen Deborah said...

that just looks so cool. what kind of balls are those?