Chocolate Dishes for Valentine's Day

If you haven't yet been introduced, Pinterest is the most awesome site on the world wide web. Provided you're looking for inspiration for just about anything, that is. In our "awesome thing to try someday" category, we'd pinned these chocolate bowls, and had the opportunity to try them over the weekend.

People, it's a whole lot of fun for very little work. Behold.


melting chocolate
pin or scissors
wax paper
round, deepish bowl and spoon

I'd advise you start by blowing up balloons, and securing in a safe place away from dust bunnies, dog hair, or dirt.

We melted our chocolate directly in the bowl by popping it in the microwave, about 40 seconds at a time until it was melted, stirring between  heatings.

Once it's melted, drop a spoonful of chocolte on a piece of wax paper. This will be the base of the bowl, to make a flat surface on the bottom of it.

Dip a balloon into chocolate, as deep as you want the bowl to be. We made ours small because they were for ice cream. (We also used smallish balloons, or didn't air up the bigger ones the whole way.) Then set the dipped end of the balloon on the spoonful of chocolate on your wax paper. We have an upright freezer, so we put our freshly made balloon bowls on the freezer shelves to help speed up the drying/hardening process. If you have space in a fridge or freezer, gently transfer them there. If not, they'll harden eventually right there on the counter.

Once the chocolate is hardened (and I mean the whole way, it can't be soft or wet anywhere) simply pop the balloon and peel out of the bowl.

The bowls are now done, and can be filled with whatever you choose. My preference would have been fruit, but they weren't for me so it's all good.

The only problem we had was at the very bottom of the bowls there was a small hole where the balloon touched the wax paper. You can see it in the bowl on the back left. It's not a problem if you set the chocolate bowl inside another bowl when you use it, which I'd recommend anyway because while just way too cute, they'd melt in your hand while eating.

If you try this at home, let me know how much fun you had, and what you chose to eat out of your chocolate dishes!

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