Everyone Has an Opinion on Uniforms

Becky is not thrilled with her work uniform. McDonald's is not known for it's cutting edge fashion, and I remind her of that, but she's a teen girl so I'm not sure she really registers what I'm saying. She probably hears WAH WAH WAH like the teacher in the Charlie Brown films. In her defense, she kind of does have it bad.

For starters, she's a tiny little thing. She's a size 2 in pants, and they just didnt' have anything that small to give her. She was told to buy some black dress slacks until they could get some in. Thankfully we did, because the ones they tried pedaling off on her were several sizes too big. The manager's suggestion to "belt it three times" probably wasn't going to work very well anyway. Today she got pants to fit her, but the waist is somewhere in the bra area. I have that problem with any jeans that aren't low rise, but it's because I'm short waisted. If they ever take low rise jeans out of stores, I will cry. And probably never be seen in jeans again. I wore waistbands at my bra line in the past but only because I didn't know there was a better way. Becky has a long torso, so there is absolutely no reason for that girl to wear pants up to her armpits. And therefore, no reason to wear the official work uniform pants. Unless, of course, the manager has a different opinion.

Her shirts are big as well, and despite the fact that they're "unisex sizing" (manager's quote) one small is considerably larger than the other small. Even tucked in, it looks rather like a five year old raided her mom's closet. The whole ensemble is rather unflattering. Okay, it's very unflattering. But seriously, what fast food chain cares how flattering a uniform is? None, that's how many. I'm just glad they don't make McDonald's employees dress like Ronald himself. Maybe I should give Becky that perspective.

So Becky's first day at work was the day the kids were off school for President's Day. I asked Micah to get ready to go so that we could drive Becky to town. He was just putting his shoes on as Becky came downstairs, ready for work. It was a struggle to get the boy to let his pirate pants at home. Nobody told him it was Raid The Dress Up Box day!

So according to Micah, Becky can be a McDonald's employee for Halloween this year. She's already dressing the part.

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