I Think That Genius Idea Backfired All Over Me

We have been planning and saving and scheming for a few years now, and it's finally time. In six weeks (which seems like a very long time, and no time at all) we will be heading to Disney. (I KNOW, RIGHT?! Ahem) We're just a little bit excited about that, and I may be more excited than the kids. Nobody is too old for Disney, man. Ever.

To keep the excitement running high(er), I've been planning and scheming and discussing all things Disney with the kids on a regular basis. I'm making a Mickey shirt for everyone in the family, and since we are most certainly not the matchy-matchy kind (that was established early on in our dating years by someone that wasn't me), I've been challenged to come up with original and unique Mickeys to suit everyone. I'm having a blast with it, and Mr. I Don't Wear Character Shirts has even provided me with a shirt to put a Mickey on. (I win!)

And then last week, I got the bright idea to put a hidden Mickey somewhere around the house daily. I started the day the boys all were home from school with a stomach virus. Since they spent most of their day in the bathroom, I put the first Mickey there.

To the best of my knowledge, my toilet paper art went completely unnoticed.

I used a dry erase marker and made three circles on the patio window the next day. The day after that I made it bigger, and in darker colors. Then in brighter colors. Still, nobody noticed. The next day the weather was absolutely fabulous (again!) and I didn't have to be running all day in the van (yeah!) so I spent a few hours outside cleaning the pond and gardens. I set river rocks by the patio in a Mickey head shape. Nada.

I then realized I should be telling the kids that there are hidden Mickeys they should be on the lookout for around the house. The hunt was ON. The kids are rather excited about this, which is awesome. The not so awesome part is that we have six weeks before we leave. I'm not sure I thought this through as thoroughly as I should have.


Chicory Blue said...

I am sure I have posted this so many times you know this...but Disney? They are so so so accommodating for kids. Brunch with Mickey and you realize your kid won't eat anything at the buffet? No problem...tell the waitress..the chef will come out and ask you what your child Will eat. And make it.
Can 't tolerate lines. Stop in an get a pass to the front of the line...
Contact Disney to see if you need anything special ( note officially stating diagnosis). But I don't think you do...Disney...wants everyone to "have a magical day" and they truly work hard at it.
If it is your child's birthday they get a pin..and every single Disney employee will wish your child a happy birthday. Seriously...it is a rule.

And all this hunting for Mickey...will come in handy at the park..and outside it....there are power lines with a Mickey tower on the outskirts of Orlando on i4...probably other places...but that is the one I know of...and there are hidden mickey's in the parks....

Ok. Now I want to go to Disney.

Eternal Sunshine said...

Here's a website to the Hidden Mickeys.


The idea is to let you know where/what to look for, but it might have spoilers - I'm not sure..

And here is what WikiPedia says about Hidden Mickeys. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hidden_Mickey

I know y'all will have a blast - Maybe a contest to see who finds the most??

kari said...

we loved Disney and had a fabulous time with Ethan. The Cast Members are very helpful! Love your hidden Mickeys. But man, you have a long time and a lot of Mickeys to come up with! Good thing you're a creative genius!!

Gina said...

Oh man, Emily would have been all over that. She finds hidden mickeys daily.