Raise Your Hand if You Get the Movie Reference to Suuuuuusan

Kids grow. It's just what they do. I was sure for a while that my kids took off in the spring like flowers with sunshine and rain. They'd blow through their winter clothes and be into the next size before I could fathom why their ankles were peeking between pants and socks. And these were pants I'd bought them at Christmas! But it's what kids do, and they do it well. It's not a phenomenon, it's just discouraging at times.

And then there's Micah. That boy just can't be normal in anything that he does. He was 30 pounds for 3 years running, and nobody seemed to care. I think he intimidates doctors, and they're afraid to comment on things like that, so they don't. And I trust the doctors, so I assume that if they're cool with the fact that he hasn't gained any weight in a few years at the age of 3/4/5, it's all good. And turns out, it was. It was also handy to have him be able to wear some of the same clothes for over a year. While he didn't manage to gain weight, he did grow taller, so not everything fit well. Shorts were clear winners in the longevity department.

And because that's not weird enough, the boy then decided that he'd try the other extreme. He grew 2 clothing sizes in 2 months time. I kid you not. The shorts and tshirts he was wearing in September when school started weren't cutting it in November that year we went to Florida. Thank goodness he fit into Luke's hand me downs that were kept for that very reason! Buying shorts in November is akin to buying a bathing suit in August. It just isn't happening.

Ever since he started growing, Micah has been on the fasttrack to big boyhood. It's like he's declared it his super power. He OWNS growing. And he outdid even himself this school year. Every day I wake up and think, "Darn, he grew again, didn't he?" And then I tell myself that I'm silly, because that's what all parents say about their babies. And kids just grow, because it's what they do. Stop being so dramatic, Me.

That was before I went through his shorts for the upcoming summer season. He wore size 6/7 shorts to school last September. They fit him well enough for me to keep them, thinking that maybe (perhaps?) he'd be able to wear a few pair again this summer.


Yeh. The boy outgrew his size 8 jeans sometime around November, so we had to rush out and get him size 10 jeans. Those are now quite small and he's comfortable in size 12. That's 3 sizes of clothing bigger than he was just 6 months ago. How is that even possible, without looking like he's 14? And speaking of 14, that's what size shirt he's wearing. While it's not shocking that he needs the width, the length is none too long either. I have no baby. The boy is huge. And solid as a rock. And if he continues to grow at this rate, I'll have to call him Suuuusan.

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Blogget Jones said...

I've been overwhelmed by that "it all happens too fast" feeling lately. Daughter swipes my clothes all the time. She visited colleges yesterday. This just can't be.... She's my "baby"! :o)