Give Me A D!

I saw them at the local greenhouse. Shrubbery formed as letters. They were rather awesomeish, and I was rather smitten. I stood in front of them a very long time, memorizing exactly how they were made. And I realized that they were grown elsewhere and transplanted, and that it would take some time for a homemade version to fill out and look just as fabulous.

My do-it-yourself projects have a tendency to turn into should-have-bought-it-instead, but I'm undeterred. I sally forth and spend money on all sorts of things that just continue to fail. Or I just waste time on projects that cost me nothing and fail anyway. But I couldn't stop thinking about those shrubs, and how awesome they would be in our yard.

I saw two rather sad looking upright shrubs on clearance. They were the perfect thing to make letter topiary with. I bought them. They lived in a mound in my garden for months, because I was rather afraid to start the project. I'm not going to lie; I'm getting gun shy about all my failed efforts. So I put off actually doing anything with plants, and even went as far as ignoring them. That worked right up until it didn't.

So I cleaned out a giant flower pot, gathered material, and set about making a letter D out of those two things that I could no longer ignore. I formed, and tied, and formed and wired, and staked and watered. When I sat back and looked at the finished project I was quite impressed that you could actually tell what it was. It needs to fill out a bit with a few years' growth, but I knew that. Still, I'm rather impressed with myself for once.

So if you're in the 'hood, we're the home with the Big D proudly displayed in the yard.

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Mellissa Rose said...

That looks awesome! Thankfully you had an easy letter to work with. :)