All Is Right Again

It was an undisputed fact that we had a great few days away without Micah. (Although it's an undisputed fact that the family generally has a good time when we do things together. We have the best kids ever.) But we picked up our youngest child from camp, and life returned to normal.

I want to go on record as saying that life can be very enjoyable without Micah for a short time, but it's so much better when he's home. That boy just finds joy in life. Things that we wouldn't normally think are joyous occasions, Micah laughs at. We have learned from him that all things are fun. Sometimes its unclear whether we're laughing at Micah just laughing so heartily at life, or if we're laughing because he's shown us that life is awesome, but we laugh a lot more when he's around. Laughing is good.

We missed that boy. But he didn't miss Becky. He said so.

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