I've Been Called

I've been spending more time upstairs in the mornings when I get up than I normally do. I have realized that if I don't exercise first thing in the morning, it just doesn't happen. So I do. And then, because I have momentum going, I get some laundry together, clean up the bathroom, organize the bedroom, and generally be busy upstairs instead of downstairs. Where Micah is.

I know you can foresee this as a problem.

Micah made himself an egg the other day. I'm assuming that he did, based on the evidence I found. The frying pan in the sink with egg residue left in it. An egg shell in the trash. The spray PAM on the counter by the stove. The open cabinet door where the PAM is kept, and a stool by the counter underneath the open door. The house wasn't burned down, and he hasn't suffered from salmonella poisoning yet, so all's well that ends well I guess. He also poured himself a bowl of cereal, and managed not to flood the bowl. If I keep up with this exercising thing, he'll be a gourmet chef just in time for Thanksgiving. How fun would it be to have fried eggs beside our turkey? I, for one, would think it awesome.

I was just finishing up the laundry shuffle when I heard my cell phone ring the other day. My cell phone and I are not very close. In fact, it's more of an annoyance to me than anything. It can (and does) go for 2 weeks without calling me, but when it does, it's almost unfailingly at a very inopportune time. It's my phone's super power. Standing in the checkout line, trying to pay the cashier, and keeping 3 bored boys from wrestling in the aisle? Yep, the phone will ring. In a public restroom, sitting on the john, with my purse hanging two feet above my head on the door just out of reach? RING. In the doctor's office, after waiting for an hour to be seen, and the doctor finally comes into the room. You guessed it. RING.

 Shuffling laundry is actually a good time to call, except that I'm a floor away and can't make it downstairs to my purse by the time the caller hangs up. I was baffled by the call, though. People who know me know that my cell and I aren't exactly best friends. If you want to get in touch with me, don't call the cell. Who would have called my cell without trying the house phone first? Especially at that hour in the morning. I don't go anywhere at 8AM on most days.

Oh, look, there's a missed message. Wow, it was important, even! Someone called me and left a voice mail for me. I went into my messages, pressed all the codes and numbers and super secret buttons to hear what I wanted to hear, and heard AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH.

It was about this time that Micah came around the corner and handed me Sam's phone. My first thought was that whoever called me, called Sam as well. Micah tries to get the phone first, and delights in running it to an adult to answer. But not that morning. That morning, Micah decided to use daddy's phone and go down through his speed dial buttons, leaving personal messages to everyone. There were a lot of "Hey, Micah called me today" messages from friends. It's a good thing cell phones have caller ID, and our friends know the sound of Micah's voice, because otherwise our friends would totally black list us.

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angiecondra said...

When I was in Junior High, my friends and I went to the skating rink nearly every weekend. I was really dorky with terrible permed hair, big glasses and acne. Anyway the cool thing to do was the Limbo, where you rollerskate as fast as you can and do the splits to go under the limbo stick. While my friends were able to do this easily I was not so sure. After much encouragement, I went for it. I skated from the far end of the rink as fast as I could and went low, into as much of a splits as I could muster. Just as I went under the stick and thought "I made it", I fell over straight into a faceplant on the floor. And I was stuck there for a few seconds with my face and arms on the floor and my bum in the air, while I heard all these kids laughing. I was mortified!! Def would not want to relive that moment!