Just a Day In The Life

This is our last week of summer break. I'm never happy that the kids go back to school, but it's one of those things that I resign myself to because life moves on. In this week, I'm trying to squeeze in all the fun things we had planned and didn't do yet, while taking care of all the last minute things that I should have done and didn't.

This week, Josh has an orthodontic appointment, Luke has a school physical, Luke and Micah have haircuts, and Micah has a meet the teacher date. Around these things, we're hitting the movies, the county fair, and a mini-golf-and-more adventure park. Shockingly, that still leaves us time to pickle and can half a bushel of cucumbers, process and freeze twenty dozen ears of sweet corn, and bake a half dozen loaves of zucchini bread to freeze. Garden time waits for nobody, nor does it care what else you've got going at the time of ripening.

But with all the busy we've got going here, we're still taking time to laugh. And have fun. And enjoy each other's company before the next step of life separates us for too many hours a day. Tonight, we loved our new puppy.

And our new puppy learned that toads taste very yucky.

And while these things seem very mundane, it's what makes life a little more special on a daily basis.

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