The Game Where Everyone Is A Winner

Micah wanted to play The Memory Game. He took so much time laying all the game pieces out, and making sure they were all turned over, and then invited Luke and I to join him. Playing games with Micah is interesting.

Micah went first, which was only fair since he set the game up. Memory takes time in that respect. He flipped over a card, then another, and just like that he had a match.

Luke and I looked at each other. Surely he didn't rig the game, right? I mean, how could he have gotten that lucky? Memory is a frustrating game in that respect. At least for me. I suck at Memory. Maybe because I don't have the attention span to remember where things are as they're flipped quickly.

Next it was Luke's turn. He flipped one over, then another, and it was a no-go. Because that's how the game works 99.9999999% of the time. So it was my turn. I flipped one, then another, and turned them both back to face the floor, because we're losers and Micah is a winner.

Micah took another turn. He turned one, then another. No match. He flipped the second one back over, and then continued searching until he found the match for the first one he turned. So apparently he did get lucky on his first round. And apparently the game is played so that he's always a winner. Awesome.

Once Micah's match was found, it was Luke's turn again. He took his cue from Micah and just continued searching for his match, because what's good for the goose is good for the gander. Or something like that. But as Luke was looking for a match, Micah started flipping cards, too. That kid just tosses all rules out the window, doesn't he? I thought he was good at turn taking. So we went backward on that. Niiiiiice.

Micah handed Luke the match for the one he was looking for.

So it turns out that Micah just wants everyone to be a winner, and we all work together to help each other out. But there are rules. We do take turns collecting matches, and all cards must be turned over so you can't see what they are until you flip them. Still, it's a win all around. Awesome.


wendy said...

How sweet that he helps so everyone can win!

Viv said...

Karen, that might be the only way I could ever *finish* a game of Memory (yes, I really am that bad!)