CiCi's Delivers A Whole Lot More Than Pizza

In an effort to get as many hours in the water as possible while at the water park, we fed the kids at CiCi's before checking in to Kalahari. CiCi's is great for filling up kids on the cheap. All you can eat for one low price is always a winner in our book. And as a bonus, the food isn't horrible.

So we watched the kids traipse back and forth to the pizza line a few times, then watched Micah take himself to the restroom. Twice. I know the goal was to fill the kids, and it takes a while when teen boys are involved because of that hollow leg they have. But we weren't there long enough to have to use the restroom twice.

After he exited the restroom the second time, I directed Micah to the table so eh could sit down and resume eating. He fumbled in his pocket for something, and pulled out a blue rubber bouncy ball. "Wow, a bouncy ball! That's fun," I said. He spent the weekend at Gram & Pap's, and must have had that in his pocket all day. I happily believed this for all of 3.2 seconds before Luke said, "Where did he get that?" Luke was with him at Grandma's and would have known that he didn't get it from her house.

So now I know what was so pressing in the restroom. I can only imagine how far he crawled along the floor on his hands and knees trying to retrieve that thing from a corner somewhere. It's like Herpes For Everyone at our table. Awesome.

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