I'll Have Your People Call My People

Luke's friends are a bit fascinated with Micah and his aide and the whole situation of him being in school, really. In a very good way. Curiosity is a good thing, and they're not afraid to ask questions, like when one of Luke's friends asked, "so who is that lady that follows Micah around everywhere he goes?"

"That's Micah's aide," Luke reported.

"What's her job? Why does she have to be with him?"

"To help him if he needs something, help him know where all to go in the school, stuff like that." Luke was as helpful as he could, not completely knowing what Miss Linda does.

"Oh, so she's like his personal manager?"

Yeh. Yeh, that would be it. Micah has a personal manager. It's pretty awesome, really.

Oh that? That is the face of a happy boy who spent a day at the corn maze. Dirty boys are the happiest, you know. And there was no personal manager to keep him from dirtying himself to the max.

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Cindy said...

The corn maze?! One of the best places to get dirty! Love that smile!