Images of the Season

Ooh, it's that time of year when we break out the Halloween decor! (What? You don't get your decor out of storage a mere week before the holiday? Pshaw, you're an amateur at procrastination.)

 In theory, I had the house decorated to the nines a month ago. In reality, I just didn't make the time to make it happen. The only reason we busted out the (two pitiful) boxes of Halloween decor was because Luke talked me into having a party for his 6th grade class.

I know. Or I don't. Or something. I'm still wondering why I agreed to this, really. I'll get back to you on whether or not it was a grand idea.

So anyhoo, we decorated for the holiday. A week before the holiday. And Halloween isn't a holiday where you can just let the tombstones in the garden until you feel like removing them because it looks totally after the fact.

Don't worry, we will anyway. So here's the little that we've done, in the 2 days we had to do it, before we hosted the party that I'm not sure I should have agreed to host.

I rock holidays, man.

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