The Robot Arm Saved The Day

It took 4 nurses, 2 parents, and 2 different attempts to get an IV in Micah's hand. The boy is strong. Freakishly so. And the nursing staff, at yet another hospital department, had opportunity to comment on that fact. The boy should be nicknamed Bam Bam. But he's also a determined little thing, and to keep him from removing that IV because he didn't want it there, he was given The Board.

And to keep him from freaking the heck out over that board strapped onto his arm, I told him it was a bionic robot arm. He actually laughed about that. And never once picked at it, nor asked for it to be removed.

Score one for the parents.


Karen Deborah said...

brilliant mom

Susannesusannadanna said...

Cool! James had something very similar at a cast!! How is Micah? Did you get a diagnosis yet??

ericsmommy said...

what happened to Micah?