The School Battle Wages On

Micah rather enjoys school, but he'll never let us know that fact. (Too bad I'm smart enough to figure it out all on my own.) I'm convinced that he gets rather bored here at home and likes the activity, personal attention, and work (yes, even work) that school offers. I think that's also a sad testament to the mothering I obviously don't do here, if the child goes to school to get one-on-one time and entertainment. I'm definitely not on the short list for Mom of the Year.

So after the Thanksgiving break, Micah was kinda glad to go back to school, right up until it was time to go back to school. On Wednesday morning he grumbled and complained - quite heartily, I might add. Mostly because he couldn't let me know that he was excited to go back to school, I think.

There was the usual fight over changing out of pajamas and into school clothes. It's a school morning ritual. I choose his clothes, he tells me how inept I am and how that particular shirt won't work on Tuesday (or Monday, or Friday...), he gets himself some new duds, and life is happy again. Whatever works, you know? But yesterday he changed up his routine. Yesterday, just to show me who's boss, he stomped himself to the bathroom, closed the door, and proceeded to dress himself in private.

He really knows how to stick it to the man. But whatever works, you know. I suppressed the victory grin, because one just cannot let him know that he lost the battle in the Getting Dressed war.

So as I was packing his lunch, I heard things like, "YEAH!" and "YEAH!" (Hey, his vocabulary is limited, okay?) The boy was totally giving himself verbal high-fives for getting dressed. I lost the Suppress The Grin battle. In fact, I think I was laughing out loud by the time he came out of the bathroom. (That would be a real laugh-out-loud, not an internet kind of LOL when you don't really mean it.)

As I was chuckling, Micah emerged from the bathroom, strutted himself down the hallway, and presented himself to me in the kitchen. One hand at his waist, one hand on his head, he cocked a hip and posed for me to show off his fabulous dressing skills.

Some days, that boy just cracks me up.

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