Still Need A Gift? For Yourself?

So, how was our Christmas? Fabulously awesome, I hope. Mine was, of course. Mostly because I was surrounded by family and friends. I'm not a gifty type person, and for me it's way more about what I give than what I get. That, too, made Christmas awesome. So much fun was given this holiday season. Here's a run-down.

My kids gave generously and selflessly to those in need, and it was all their idea to do so, too.

I gave puppies to six different families, and that was an awesome thing to do at the holiday. I've been anxiously watching Facebook timelines for Christmas morning reactions, and am loving other family reactions as much as I enjoyed watching my own kids.

I gave the husband his much-coveted iPad Mini, and it was a complete and total surprise to him. That was awesome. I don't get to surprise the husband very often.

Micah made mugs for the grandparents as a gift. People, seeing his handwritten "I (heart) you" is the cutest thing ever. And it's forever immortalized on a mug. Truly awesome gift, right there.

And in case you didn't get exactly what you wanted, you can look back through a few of my posts suggesting fun things to get yourself. Like this post that has ideas for dog lovers. Did anyone shop from here? It's not too late, you know.

And there's this post, that links to a whole lot of awesome, whether you need a last minute gift (or is my family the only one that holds parties after the Big Day?) or just something awesome for yourself. Like the Oral-B Professional Care Toothbrush. THAT is awesome.

If you need a gift for a beloved photographer (or yourself, whatever works for you), check out Burgh Baby's holiday list of awesome gifts.

Or you can hit up the mall in the crazy aftermath of Christmas, fight crowds, and hope you find something on sale. Yeh, I thought you'd go for the on-line shopping instead.

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Trisha said...

Family is always the best Christmas present! So glad you had a wonderful day!