The Superhero Ball

It's that magical time of year when All The Things have to happen. Parties are scheduled every 14th hour round the clock, a new gift needs to be purchased for yet another event, and the food needs to be both made and eaten. It's the last bit that nobody complains much about. Until January, at least, when they're all, "why did I eat all that stuff?" This is never uttered while there is still stuff to be eaten. I think it's a bitter public statement that all the stuff is now gone.

So today was the annual Life Skills Christmas Party for the county schools. This is the event of the year if you're in Life Skills classes. It's held at one of the schools, the kids not there already are bused in for the event, and there is much music and dancing. To Micah, this is the best part. He loves to dance.

This morning was one of those rare mornings that the boy slept in. I hate waking him. And very few people who are awakened are happy upon their waking. He's in the majority on that, so as he raised an eyelid at me and tried to roll over, I said (just as chipperly as I could), "there's a dance at school today! Are you ready?"

Shockingly, it worked. He sat up, wobbled a bit, slid out of bed, and shuffled down the hall to the bathroom. Not a grumble was heard from him. He even wore the outfit that I'd chosen for him, and didn't complain about a thing. New socks? Check. Button down shirt? Check. New coat? Check. (We won't talk about why I needed to buy him a new coat at the height of new coat season. And had to pay full price for it.) And then he dug through his dress up box, snagged out his Spiderman costume, and put it in a tote bag to take to school.

Clearly, all the chicks dig Spiderman. He's going to be the Boy Of The Ball.

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Karen Deborah said...

he is such a cutie, love that boy