The 2013 Bucket List

Luke just found out tonight what a bucket list is. I love that he's super excited about things like that, because we all need goals in life. I'm not huge on resolutions, because if I decide something is important enough to change my life for, I'm not going to wait until January 1st to begin changing. I may wait until Monday, but that's something different altogether.

So what if I made a bucket list of things I want to happen in 2013? Not in my lifetime, just this year. I've thought about it, and have come up with a list. For the bucket. But I'll have to rename this list because I don't plan to kick the bucket this year as part of my list. We'll call it my dream list. The things I dream about accomplishing this year. In no particular order:

1. Read more. I read when I have time, but would like to carve out more time for reading. Reading is my happy place. If you've got good books to suggest, I'm all about hearing them.

2. Make sidewalks. I tore up both the front and back walks last summer and they're currently sitting under the snow just waiting to be finished. I wish to finish them this year. Before December.

3. Play more with my kids. So far, nearly two weeks into the new year, I have barely played with my kids. I sit back and watch them play, and love every minute of it, but I have not taken the time to play with them myself. Life is busy, but it should never be this busy, you know?

4. Buy more Nerf darts for the guns. See #3.

5. Re-make some gardens. Because gardens are also my happy place. I'm pretty sure this is related to #2, because the new sidewalks are running through existing gardens, so I'll have to revamp. Plus, why else does one have gardens but to play in them and re-design every few years? You don't do that? Huh. You totally should.

6. Take the family on more outings. Not really vacations, or even stay-cations, but there's so much awesome in our area that we need to make an effort to enjoy more of it. Visiting covered bridges, playing in state parks, hiking and biking, swimming - there's just so much!

7. Go geo-caching. It's been on my list forever. It's time to make it happen.

8. Go camping with the kids. I hate camping. I really do. But it's some unwritten rule that kids should camp in a tent at least once in their young lives, right? And it can't be all bad if my kids are there. My kids, too, are my happy place.

9. Finish the basement. For real this time. I think after 9 years, it's time.

10. Laugh every day. Out loud. Often.

So what would your bucket list look like?

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Flea said...

That's a cool list. I've tent camped with the kids. And the dogs. It's way overrated. But yeah, the kids need the experience at least once.

How long has your blog been black on grey? I keep pulling it up on my phone thinking something is wrong. This is the first time in a while I've read from my laptop. It looks cool, but is nearly impossible to read on a phone. Just FYI.

My list? Gah. Make more stuff. Live through homeschooling. Not kill the oldest. Stuff like that.