Wardrobe Malfunction. In Church. It's How We Roll.

There was a day that I cared what the kids wore. That day was a long time ago. I'd coordinate outfits for holidays, and lay out the best clothes for Sunday church. It was a fight that I realized didn't need to happen, so I quit fighting. Not only did I lower my standards from Wear Your Very Best In Public, but I pretty much have decided that I don't care what the kids wear as long as they're clean and modest. And then the strangest thing happened. The kids decided that they love to dress up.

The kids have become fashion models in training. For real. With just one girl, you'd think we'd have avoided the whole wardrobe drama, but the teen boys are as bad or worse than Becky. And all three of them are constantly asking each other which shoes look better with that outfit, or how to fix their hair that day, or if a belt or scarf would accessorize well. I just laugh at them, inside my head, because I am the farthest thing from a fashion model. Give me a hoodie and a pair of jeans and I'll be happy forever.

So the teens decided that they would have a contest of sorts to see who could dress the nicest for church just before Christmas. It started Saturday evening, with a mad rush upstairs to raid closets and begin the coordinating process. Spoiler alert: Luke was voted the best dressed and he wasn't even aware there was a contest going on. The kid has an easy style about him that the rest of us just envy.

So we're all at church Sunday, and I'm looking rather old and frumpy sitting with my fashionista and her fashion forward brothers. And I don't really care, because I was thinking about getting home and changing into jeans and a hoodie. So while I was distracted otherwise, we were sitting down from singing when it all broke loose. Josh's suspenders, that is. Envision this.

Josh folds his legs and eases into his pew. He just gets seated and is barely even comfortable yet when the left side of his suspenders lets loose at the front and went FWIP (elastic, for the win!) over his left shoulder, and there it dangled, into the pew behind him.

Catching this in my peripheral, it was all I could do to keep from laughing out loud. In church. And then I did, because the little old lady behind us tapped Josh on the shoulder and handed him his suspender strap back. After the service, she thanked him for entertaining her.

And that, people, is why I love jeans and hoodies. Fashion flops and wardrobe malfunctions are at a minimum with clothing like that.

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Karen Deborah said...

good story, I would be thankful for the well dressed clean kids without effor from mom, that is just a blessing. Maybe other moms should take note!