I Didn't See That Score Coming On Super Bowl Sunday

Luke and Micah spent Friday night and Saturday at Grandma's house. I picked them up late Saturday evening, got them tucked into bed, and we got up Sunday morning for church. In the rush of getting ready and taking care of dogs, I don't always have time to notice every detail. 

After church, we took the little boys out for a Grade A lunch at Burger King, because the teens were scattered here and there. When we got home, Micah pointed out the fact that his eye bothered him. I saw nothing in it, but did notice it was a bit watery. Nice. He's probably getting a cold.

Micah played, I did dishes, his eyes watered profusely, and I decided it was time to give him cold meds. I'm not a fan of medicating unless necessary, but realized it was necessary. Despite the fact that his nose wasn't runny, I knew it was just a matter of time before the severe congestion inside came gushing forth like a green fountain. He must just feel miserable.

Two hours after cold medicine was administered, I realized that his eyes were actually worse, not better. In fact, the watery eyes of a few hours ago were now oozing yellow goop. SO NOT FUN. I had strong suspicions that pink eye was going on, but I'm just not one to panic over things. Plus it was Sunday and a doctor wasn't exactly in office waiting for me to show up. While I debated this small dilemma for 15 minutes, the whites of Micah's eyes morphed into bloodshot beauties.

Dude. I'ts been so many years since we've had pink eye that I cannot remember the last time it struck. Did you know that pink eye shares between people and dogs? IT DOES. And our 15 year old's eyes seem to like pink eye. A lot. He seems to go through two rounds of pink eye before his eyes just let it go. Good times.

So by the time I got changed to head to the ER (because doctors aren't exactly holding office hours waiting for me to show up on Sunday), Micah's yellow and oozy eyes were not only bloodshot, but watering so profusely that his face was nearly rashed by the stream, and collecting dirt in the wet trail. He was just a poor little hot mess.

The good news is that the emergency room is pretty much empty on Super Bowl Sunday. The other good news is that Sam was working, and gave us a grand tour complete with dispensed-from-behind-the-counter meds to prevent me from worrying if there was even a pharmacy open, or stopping anywhere else in the snow storm.

Micah only fussed for 15 minutes after administering the ointment. Despite rubbing his eyes all day and asking me to fix it, he was now wishing I hadn't. I only had a whole lot of guilt anyway because Micah sleeps with Luke. As in the same bed. Because Micah has to feel a warm body next to him or he doesn't sleep. Actually, nobody sleeps if Micah doesn't sleep. I was kinda slightly relieved when Luke came to me an hour before bedtime and said, "Mom, my left eye is itchy."

It's bound to be a fun week here.

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