I'm Officially Over March Snow

I've said time and again that March snow isn't a big deal. It comes and goes. And comes and goes. And within a week or two you forget that there ever was snow. But today kind of broke me. It started out snowy, and I didn't panic because it was pretty, and it's March, and the sun was out within 15 minutes. And then it snowed again. And the sun came out again. And the sun and the snow chased each other all over the skies all day long, and it was interesting to witness. I fed the dogs and installed the new pond pump and photographed the daffodils and tulips coming up when the sun was out, and scrubbed the floor and sewed some shirts and did laundry while it was snowing.

But tonight, the wind picked up. It was cold and biting, and blew falling snow into every place it could, even around your zipped coat. The near white-out conditions at times were far more like January than March, and the temperatures weren't any too spring-like either. In the dark, the cold and blowing snow was even worse.

Today, I learned to hate March snow. Maybe tomorrow will renew my faith. One can always hope. After all, March snow doesn't last. Right?

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wendy said...

OH I am sooo with you on this! I am ready to get our gardens and pond going again.