It's Always a Fun Time at the ENT

Today, the 25th of March, was a snow day for the kids. So awesome, right? (Do you hear the sarcasm?) I don't generally mind March snow because it comes and goes so quickly, but this month kind of broke me. It just kept coming. And 6" overnight with continued heavy snowfall all day is pretty, but unfun. See how pretty?

If you didn't know better, you'd think it was Christmas or something. I'm most unhappy over the fact that the kids will be going to school yet another day in June rather than getting out at the end of May. I don't like when school claims my kids away from me over summer.

But the good news is that, despite the fact that we live in the snow capital of the world, people here are all "Gah! Snow! We can't drive! Cancel all appointments!" And they did just that, which made it kind of super nice at the ENT today when I didn't have to wait at all.

What wasn't super nice at the ENT was finding out that Micah's left ear tube is out. It's been 7 months since it was placed, along with his right one of course. I had suspicions that this might be the case because the boy's music has been getting louder and louder of late, but I refused to believe what experience has taught me. Mostly because HOLY COW, 11 SETS OF EAR TUBES?! I'm not sure what the world record is, but he's got to be getting close, right? Especially considering that he's just turned 10 years old.

The good news at the ENT was that Micah was given Zyrtec to help dry up his chronic congestion. It's probably allergies to dogs. Most of the rest of us are allergic to them, so why not Micah? And no, getting rid of the dogs just isn't an option. Pass the Zyrtec, and a tissue, please. I gave him his first dose tonight so we'll see if this makes a difference.

His speech therapist actually suggested meds for him, and I was grateful. I never once thought that he wouldn't want to put his tongue to the roof of his mouth, sealing off his most viable air source since his wee nose was congested. Without that important tongue maneuver, a lot of sounds just can't be made. If the boy is going to learn to talk, he needs proper tongue placement. And breathing is good, too. Maybe now he'll be able to do both.

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wendy said...

Pretty pictures! but I agree they would be even prettier at Christmas time not the end of March.