He Was A Little More Than An Also Ran

Today was track and field day for the 4th, 5th, and 6th graders. Luckily enough, that includes both my younger boys so that I can see them both in one day. Except that Micah will also be participating in the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grade track and field day later this week because they were gracious enough to include him. They will have more game-type things like tug of war and obstacle courses and less things like long jumps and relay races. It will be way more fun for Micah. But because he's a rock star, he always has fun no matter what he does.

I was late getting to the track today because I had a morning appointment, and then waited until after lunch to be sure the boys were out of the cafeteria. I found Luke in the bleachers and sat down with him just about time Becky spotted Micah. He was on the track, waiting his turn to run in the relay.

We watched his teammates run, tag, and run again. And then it was Micah's turn to run. I really had no clue who's class was in first or second or even fourth. It's just not my thing to pay attention to placings, just to watch my kids do their very best. I did know that Micah was in last place though. Micah can't run well. His weak hips prevent him from having the gross motor skills needed to run fast, but he can run. And he did. He ran like a trooper. He continued running even though he fell behind his classmates, and then got left so far behind that he was the only one of the backside of the track. And he kept running when the other kids crossed the finish line. He was still running.

I asked Luke to walk down to the track so that Micah could hear and just yell an encouraging word to keep running. I'd have done it myself, but that boy is the only one of my kids that is a bit embarrassed by his mom mothering him. He idolizes his brother Luke though, and would be so thrilled to hear Luke encouraging him.

Luke ran down the hill, stood trackside, and cheered his little brother on. One by one, Luke's classmates joined him. There was a line of students along the track as Micah ran by, all chanting, "Go, Micah!" The teachers in the bleachers beside us picked up the chant. The students on the hillside watching began cheering my boy.

I did not cheer my son on. As his mom, it's my job to be his biggest supporter. I champion his cause every single hour of every single day of my life. And I will continue to do just that for the rest of his life. But when someone else takes up that task on my behalf because they, too, love my son and want to see him succeed, I love nothing more than to sit back and let them, marveling that the world accepts my son with open arms just like I do.

I also did not cheer my son on because I'm just going to admit that I was struggling to keep the tears from escaping the dark confines of my sunglasses.


Keri said...

"Go Micah!" from Alabama!

I may or may not be crying right now.

What a wonderful thing to read after what happened in Oklahoma today.

tehamy said...

This seriously made me cry. GO MICAH!

Gina said...

I love seeing kids behave like this. It gives me hope.

Mary said...

No fair making me cry at work.