The Mother's Day Photo to be Envious Of

Mother's Day was fun this year. My family had already gifted me something, so it was the dog's turn to give me a present. Despite our being gone all day long, they didn't make a mess in their crates. That's huge. Those french bulldogs we own are not big on personal hygiene that way. It's the small things that makes me happy.

For Mother's Day we drove to Antietam Battlefield in Virginia to picnic with the family. It was the halfway point for the other half of the family to meet us. While the food was good and the company was better, the weather left a bit to be desired and my ears are paying the price today. Darn this two-week-old ear infection that just refuses to give up and go home already. 

While at Antietam, I had the idea that I wanted pictures of me with my kids. It's a tradition, apparently, for the entire world to do that. I've never done it, though, and figured it would be a good time to start. It didn't happen, though, so there will be no pictures from Mother's Day of me with  my children to share. I know you're disappointed. Micah had the same idea, however. He took a picture of me. I'll have to share it later because it's on the other computer, but it's already destined to be my favorite ever. Partly because Micah took the picture, and partly because it's semi-flattering.

Oh, and then there's the one he took of just my shoes. My shoes rock.

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Cindy said...

Awesome! I really did lol!