Deja View

Summer is all about plans and goals to keep yourself entertained and focused. Every summer I seem to have a photography goal as well things for the kids to do. This year's goal is less about a daily photo and more about themes. I've got two running themes this year, and they'll be featured on the blog weekly. That is if things go well and I can stick to a commitment. I generally fail at that.

One of the themes actually incorporates a photography goal with a family plan. The kids wanted to do photo recreations, because they're hysterical. We talked about this extensively, and how we'd all have a good time recreating them. Becky introduced the idea to us first, and she's been most excited about it. Guess who moaned the loudest when I said, "hey, we're all home tonight. Why don't we do a photo recreation?" (And if you have teens in your family, you know how infrequently "we're all home" happens.)

This is our first photo recreation attempt. For now we're calling this Recreation Wednesday because I lack creativity today. If you can come up with a stellar name, please share for the new regular feature. If I can stick with a commitment.


imbeingheldhostage said...

LOVE this photo :)

ericsmommy said...

cant believe you still have the purple truck
and yes the picture is amazing and the kids are cute.

Michelle Phan said...

Hi dear blogger,
Good to know how you spend time with your family..Its always good to do some recreation with kids..They are just fun..We love to have them and house is all charged beacause of their presence..
Good luck to your Blogging

Kiezkicker said...

Well, the truck looks a little bit smaller now. ;-) But I like this kind of photos - looking forward to part 2. :-)