Thank You, Teachers

Our church has one of the best childrens' programs I've seen. Micah looks forward to Wednesday nights with much enthusiasm. He asks every day if its Olympian night, even if he was just there the night before. That boy absolutely loves Olympian Club.

The program, much like the name implies, allows the kids to earn medals. They earn bronze, then work up to silver, and with diligence can earn the gold. At the end of the year, an awards banquet is held to recognize the kids who put so much work into earning their medals.

I just want to go on record that Micah's teachers work just as hard as he does. Probably harder most weeks. While that boy absolutely loves church, and Olympian Club, he doesn't like working all that well. He loves doing what other kids are doing, and has memorized all the motions to songs with great enthusiasm. But while he's perfectly capable of repeating a verse or doing sign for it, it's not his favorite thing to do. In fact, sometimes he'll just flat out refuse to do that and much struggling and fighting will take place as a result. That boy is nothing if not headstrong and determined.

But due to nothing but the perseverance of his teachers, Micah earned the gold medal this year.

That boy loves nothing more than to do what others do, and when others are earning medals, he wants a medal as well. See that boy going to get his medal? That is the picture of a boy on a mission.

Mission accomplished. Micah was a gold medal earner this year.

And on behalf of Micah, I'm giving his acceptance speech. I am thanking his teachers, who made this possible. Without their dedication in pushing Micah every single week to just do what he should without a fuss, this would never have happened.

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wendy said...

Congratulations Micah!!