We Know How To Party

Because we know how to party up in here, we set up for photos at Josh's birthday party. I have this super awesome portable backdrop stand that makes taking pictures in random places look super professional. It's so very nice to have a stand that sets up in mere minutes to hang a backdrop on to cover crap. You'd never know this photo was taken in front of the hose reel on our patio, three potted blueberry bushes, a tub of random plants that need planting, and several dog dishes.

Well, okay. You might know the dog dishes were there because of Jack photo bombing right behind Grandma's leg there. Silly dogs. But really, the instant backdrop is the best clutter cover-up I've found yet, and as an added bonus you can take awesome pictures in front of it. Like it's designed to do.

I know I've posted already about the fun I've had with my backdrop kit, but I got a new stand from TheLAShop.com and was anxious to try it out. Josh's party was the perfect excuse, so up it went. From the time it came out of the packaging, I was keenly aware that the quality was far superior to the one that I'd been playing with for a few months. Score! Thicker tubing meant that it would hold up to just about anything, and sturdier knobs meant that it was easier to screw into place. And the carrying case was a huge bonus. What's really nice is that the top bar comes in four different pieces so that you can make it as wide as you need.

FYI: we were using the black cloth, obviously, but I realized that if we hung the white background cloth we could totally use it as a movie screen outdoors. Stay tuned for THAT blog post coming this summer.

All in all, while I am a huge fan of my fun new toy, not everyone shared my intense excitement.

She does, however, get points for being patient and willing.


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