Hiding and Seeking

Micah was playing hide and seek with the kids while waiting on word from the hospital from Grandma. The boy is stellar at making teens play with him.

First, everyone puts their hands in the center so that he can choose who gets to be the counter. Yes, he controls every aspect of the game.

Once the counter is selected, everyone goes to hide. Counting to ten is sufficient. Mostly because Micah misses the "hide" part of hide-and-seek. The boy will sometimes make an effort to hide, and sometimes he just doesn't get it at all. One time he hid behind a tree. Except that he mostly stood beside it so that he could see the counter coming to find him. Our favorite time was when he went to lay on the hammock. Hammocks can be tricky things to get into. He got as far as holding on with his hands before it flipped sideways. He then knelt in the grass beside it, still holding onto the hammock with his hands for dear life, still as a statue. That was his hiding spot. I mean, hammocks in general aren't the best places to hide anyway, but that position just completely cracked us up. Shocker alert: he was the first found on that round of the game.

Micah is always the first found, actually. But it's because he totally sucks at hiding. He just can't get the concept of hiding from someone. He wants to watch the game too badly to hide himself from it. And once he's found, the game takes on a fun twist. He then goes in search for people. The counter will be off looking for hiders and Micah will find one and yell for the counter to come. We howl, because he totally thinks he's doing a good thing. And the kids have been playing with Micah long enough that they know it's all fun and games and something to be laughed about.

When Micah is counter, however, the kids have a good time with that. They run from hiding place to hiding place while he's looking so that he has a hard time finding them. Turns out, he's smarter than they are. By the end of the game, he was finding them as soon as he was done counting.

We finally told them why.

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