Summertime Checklist

Over the weekend, we took the kids to a local(ish) creek to play. It's a hotspot for kids of all ages to cool off on hot summer days.

Micah loves water of any kind, but was a bit hesitant to venture out on his own without daddy at this place. Normally it's a quite little creek (small river?) but with all the rain we've had lately it had quite a current rushing down the center. And also because of the rain, the water was not clear but muddy brown. This made it hard to see where you were walking.

And while walking in a normal creek is alright as long as you don't stub your toe on a random rock, this one is not so easy. This one has extra large rocky outcrops from one side of the creek bed to the other. If you step off one, you could fall down a crevice into (gasp) three foot deep water. Mostly, however, it's shallow. As long as you're on the rocks.

Still, rocks are slippery, and when one is wearing a hand cast, one has to be careful that they dont' slip. The doctor is not happy with that boy already. If he went in with a wet cast from swimming, his name would be mud.

I sat on the bank and took pictures, because it's what I do. Plus, even though I had a waterproof covering on my leg wound, I didn't want to take the chance of river water getting inside the dressing. It looked less than sterile, and I'm not taking a chance of contracting something infectious with my gaping open wound.

Check The River off our summer bucket list. And add it again, as the kids really had a great time.

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