That Other Thing About New Englanders That We Loved

While on vacation a month ago, there was that other one thing we noticed about New Englanders. Besides beings super friendly and happy and down to earth and laid back, they are incredibly accepting people.

Let me explain.

I am always amazed at the reaction we get from people where Micah is concerned. The super awesome community we live in just accepts him with open arms like I expect them to. He's treated like a normal kid; you know - generally ignored. And I am also incredibly happy to report that in 10 years only one person has ever given him the stink eye for just being himself. I'm also happy to report that it was not a local. Boo-hiss on Virginia for that person's reaction.

But New Englanders (at least those in the greater Boston and Portland areas) not only are very accepting of special kids like Micah, they absolutely love them. The first time someone noticed Micah's different (and yet awesome) facial features, they did a double take just to smile at him.

Guys, you have no idea how many kinds of awesome that is. This was not the smile of "oh, someone different. How do I react? I know! I'll smile awkwardly!" No, instead it was the smile of genuine happiness at seeing someone so special. And it wasn't an isolated incident, either. This was an amazing phenomenon that happened over and over again everywhere we went.

Kudos, New Englanders, for loving those who are born a little more special than the rest of us.

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Keri said...

You really need to visit NE Alabama, hon.