You've Got That Numbing Feeling

Luke needed a cavity filled today. It's his first one. I get confused and lose track of things like how many (if any) fillings each kid has because there are a few kids here, and I lack brain cells. To those parents who have far more kids than I do and know everything about each one of them, my hat is off to you. Actually, ALL my hats are off to you. It's a feat.

There needs to be an app for that, you know? They say there's an app for everything, but they lie. Whoever "they" is. I wanted something to keep track of Micah's surgeries because every time I am handed yet another sheet at yet another doctor's office and am asked to fill out any surgeries that he's had, I just kind of laugh at the 1.5 lines they give you for that. Sure, most kids can just ignore that question, but kids like Micah (and those with real health problems, bless them. And their parents.) need a few lines. Or half a page. I'm losing track of dates. In fact, I can't even remember when his last set of tubes were put in. I think it was April of this year, but it may not be April. See? I need an app. There is none. I've looked several times.


Luke has never had a filling before, and I know this based on his reaction to the Novocaine. Watching someone with half a numb mouth is highly entertaining. Being the one with the half numbed mouth is far less fun, but Luke is a trooper. After realizing that his face wasn't as swollen as it felt, he decided that he needed to be rewarded with food. (He's such a boy.) I stopped by Lowe's first because hello, it's summer! Lowe's is my go-to for all things garden related. Today, the tiny pebbles that I have discovered and fell in love with were on clearance for half off. Total score.

Also a hit was Luke, who spent the time at Lowe's poking at his numbed lip and cheek, checking for drool every few minutes, and practicing talking like he was any other normal person in the garden center. He quickly decided that the medication's effects were highly overrated. And is very much looking forward to when Becky has her wisdom teeth out next month.

So I took Luke to McDonald's, because that was his choice of food. "It's a sad day when you have to pray that you don't injure yourself while eating," he said. He's right. It really is. And yet so kind of funny. And even funnier was when he caught a glimpse of himself in the rear view mirror and said, "oh, I have a piece of lettuce stuck to my lip. I didn't even know that."

Is it wrong to laugh hysterically at your kids? Because I did. A lot.

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