We Will Not Have a Repeat Performance

THIS JUST IN: We throw horrible elementary school parties.

SHOCKER TO NOBODY: We don't care.

Last year we hosted a Halloween party for Luke's 6th grade class. Despite circumstances making me less than the most wonderful hostess ever, I think things went swimmingly. I mean, it's an elementary school party. Kids aren't expecting to party like it's 1989 or anything.

So I asked Luke if he was going to have a party for his friends this year. 


"Why not?"

I don't want my friends thinking we'll host every year, and then be disappointed when we don't.

Well, then.

And then the true story came out.

"My friends and I were talking about Halloween parties we've been to in the past. They all decided that so-and-so's party was the best one."

Why is that?

"Well, it was an over-nighter." (Insertion: I did not let my kid stay at an over-nighter with girls in a party setting. Call me crazy that way.) "The kids said that the parents went to bed at like 8:00 and they all stayed up doing whatever they wanted in the basement until 4:00 in the morning." (And I'm the crazy one for not letting him stay?!) (Also turns out, the kids DID expect to party like it was 1989.)

So there you have it. We throw lame parties because we're parents that care. I'll wear that badge with pride.

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