If I Could Choose...

In service on Sunday, the pastor asked us what we would like to be doing when Jesus comes back, if we knew when that was happening and could choose. He gave us a minute to think about the question. The first thing that instantly came to mind was, "exactly what I've been doing." And then I thought, "No, surely I need to dig deeper. Is there something better that I can be doing?" So I thought about a lot of things that I could do that would be pleasing to God. Things that He commanded in Scripture. And I realized that the answer I immediately thought of was the best answer that I could give.

I want to continue doing exactly what I've been doing, every single day. I want to be a mom to the kids that we've got, raising them to respect adults and those in authority over them, to be polite to others, to be thoughtful and kind toward all. I want to model good manners and kind words as well as teach them. I am by no means a perfect parent (my gosh, the failures...), but I love that each day is a new one to start all over again. If I've messed up, I get a chance to apologize and show my kids that I, too, am learning as I go.

I want to be surrounded by my family, laughing together.

Truly, there is nothing better that I could be doing with my time than raising kids the world can be proud of. I read the news and am so saddened by what I hear. Kids bullying others, kids killing kids, kids having no respect for their elders at all. Kids not caring about life and having no purpose for living. I want my kids to know joy and peace. I want more for them than the world has to offer.

I want my kids to know the Jesus that I do, and it's my job to model what a relationship with Him looks like. It's far more than telling them that going to church every week is the right thing to do. It's more than an hour on Sunday morning to check off our list of things to do. It's a daily choice to spend time with God, and getting to know what He expects of them. It is my job to teach my kids this, and if Jesus comes back and finds me sitting around the dinner table with my family, laughing that the meal's prayer seemed a bit self-centered, I'd be proud. Kids talking to God is a very good thing, and if they feel they can take their problems to Him during the dinner hour, I'm proud indeed.

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imbeingheldhostage said...

I think it's awesome the way you're living your life and that you are so fulfilled by the things that matter. You are an inspiration girl!