Must. Stay. Awake.

Melatonin is our best friend at bedtime now. Micah is to the point where he asks for it if we don't give it to him. We try, on occasion, to let him fall asleep without it, but he generally lays there for over an hour not sleeping. Sometimes it's a quiet kind of not sleeping and sometimes it's a loud kind of not sleeping. But not sleeping is definitely happening.

The melatonin has been a life saver as far as school is concerned, too. We are expecting a more rested boy this year for 5th grade than we've had for previous grades. This will be very good in so many ways. No more melt downs in class. No more thrown pencils. No more broken crayons in a fit of overtired agony. No more grumpy boy. (For the most part.) Of course, this is in theory only, because it's just Day 9 of 5th grade.

Although school itself is an adjustment after the carefree days of summer. Structure and expectations loaded onto our growing lad take their emotional toll, and that makes him tired. I do appreciate his newfound enthusiasm for school this year, though. Despite being rather weary in body, his spirit was so still very much wanting to pay attention. This was evident when the teacher looked over and saw him holding his eye lids open with his fingers, and (for once) not trying to be funny, just trying to pay attention.

Poor guy. He went to bed a bit earlier tonight.

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