The Letter C Is Scary

Darla is in the motherly way. We are so excited about this. All of us. In the plural. Even Becky, who doesn't even like puppies. (I know. She claims she's my kid, and kind of looks like me, but seriously. How?) But even the puppy hater is excited about frenchie puppies because they will be so adorable that we could quite possibly all die from cuteness induced strokes.

Darla, however, is a french bulldog. Obviously. That means that she may or may not have problems delivering those cute and large headed puppies naturally. I scheduled a prenatal checkup for my favorite brindle colored dog to see if we could make any kind of determination about the impending state of delivery. After a brief consultation, it was agreed by both the vet and myself that an x-ray of the babies would be in our best interest.

Darla is expecting quintuplets. I have been grinning out loud all day about this, and have been doing the happy dance inside my head for hours. It'll probably go on for the next two weeks. My gosh, five puppies. Five incredibly cute and darling puppies and WE'RE GOING TO DIE FROM CUTENESS INDUCED STROKES.

That is if things go well, of course. I don't like to think about that part, but it's a reality.

So anyhoo...

Five puppies are very, very good for the impending birth thing. Far better, in fact, than just one or two puppies. One or two would be large babies and the possibility of getting their large conks stuck mid-canal would be far greater with than the smaller heads of five smaller babies. So really, more is better. Measurements of all heads and exiting canal indicated that there is plenty of room for babies. But babies do nothing but grow in the last two weeks of incubation, so we're back to the risk of big headed babies getting stuck again.

Gosh, it's just nothing but a merry-go-round.

It was finally determined that we'd allow Darla the opportunity to have babies all on her own, and in the event that she hasn't had them three days past her due date, we have a c-section scheduled for her so that we don't run into an emergency C over the weekend. It's kind of weird that I'm far more nervous and stressed over this surgical date than I am of Micah's ear date with Ear Tubes #11 next week.

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Flea said...

This is her first litter, right? Not litter #11? So there's that. Sounds like you have things covered, though.