We're All On A Mission This Week

Sam and the teen boys left on a missions trip to South Texas today. I am officially single parenting it for the next week. I'm sure by the end of the week I'll be realllllly glad to see them all again, but for now I'm taking full advantage of the fact that the house numbers have pretty much been cut in half. I am cleaning and re-organizing without someone stopping in every half hour and saying, "you're doing that?!" or "you can't get rid of that!"

(And as a heads' up, ne'er-do-wellers, just because we are without male protection this week does not mean that we're fair game for robbery or vandalism. I live on a piece of my family's farm, right across the road from my parents, who keep an eye on the comings and going of this place like it still belongs to them or something.) (Try not to be jealous of my life.)

Today, for starters, I went to Walmart. (Hey, one has to start somewhere!) While there I bought not only coffee creamer but a shoe organizer with bonus purse storage for my closet. This is good. This also means that I have to clean my closet to make room for it. And I went through the toy bins. Instead of one super huge toy box, we have decided that 5 small boxes are far superior. This way we can scatter them throughout the downstairs and look like we really don't have that many toys. In reality, its the fact that I love bins. I love the antique wooden box that store the stuffed animals, and the antique metal oval shaped bucket that hold the plastic dinosaurs, and the bushel basket that keep the Toy Story gang.

I also went to TJMaxx because they rock the home goods, and I needed a new toy box. Hush, I did. The big one that holds all the big trucks and cars has seen better days. About 472 days ago. The bottom fell out. It made it awkward to pick up and clean around. So I scored a great big huge wicker bin for $25, and now apparently we need more toys to fill it. But Christmas is coming, so that'll be taken care of soon enough.

And the rest of the week promises to be equally exciting up in here as well. The pantry is calling Becky's name, and the laundry room is screaming for help as well. After that my bedroom (aka the "I Don't Know What To Do With This So I'll Put It In My Room" room) is going to get cleaned. And then the sewing room. If I can shovel a path into the sewing room, that alone will be a vast improvement. It's that bad here, people.

So yeh, by the time Sam and my boys come home, I'll be really glad to see them.

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