A Shake Down In The Schooling Regime

Following the tradition of our family, we have shaken up the schooling option here again. We've home schooled, private schooled, public schooled, and cyber schooled. I'm pretty sure there aren't any more options that we could try.

Luke was anxious about the start of high school this year. He was so afraid that he'd forget his changing schedule or be late for a class because he couldn't find it. His anxiety level was to the point that he talked about dropping out of public school and cyber schooling like Becky does. He wisely gave himself a month to get used to the schedule, and every day his resolve became greater that cyber was the place for him. He said this right up until the last week of the month he gave himself, and then he just stopped talking about leaving school. He decided that he loved school and was thriving there. And I was very glad.

And then Josh, our 10th grader, reached the breaking point. He's been having problems with kids at school for a while, and things have come to the point this year where he just doesn't even want to deal with it any longer. And things have reached the point where I would be the worst kind of mom if I made him stay there. After a heart to heart talk on Monday evening, it was decided that cyber school would be a far better option for Josh. 

I called on Tuesday to get the ball rolling, spent Wednesday gathering paperwork, and his transfer was approved today. I love when things work that quickly and efficiently. So now I have my two teens home with me all day every day, and am rather excited about it. And shockingly, Luke took the news rather well that it was Josh and not he that got to come home this year. 

"Mom," he said, "Micah and Quincey need me to still go to school with them." Because 12 is all grown up that way.

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Unknown said...

Good luck to him. Hope he loves it. Love the post with Micah doing homework. Homework sucks!
-Jenny- life with 4 kiddos..just too lazy to sign out then back in to that account!