New Discoveries!

It was an absolutely gorgeous day in Somerset County. Fall is my favorite season, so we made time this afternoon to go enjoy the weather and the scenery. We truly live in one of the prettiest areas of the nation. I've been in so many states, have seen both oceans and the Gulf of Mexico, drove from Pennsylvania to Alaska, and from Washington state down to California and across country back to Pennsylvania. I've seen mountains and hills and beaches and plains. It's all gorgeous. All of it. But I still find some of the most beautiful parts of nature right in our back yard. We're so blessed to live in the Laurel Highlands.

Just a few miles from our house (actually close enough that we consider it our back yard) (because we live in the country and things within walking distance, at just a few miles, really ARE kind of back yard-ish) is this awesome place that the locals call Blue Hole. All around the Blue Hole area is a wooded wonderland just waiting to be discovered. We didn't go off the beaten path at all, but found this fun place right on a trail just a hundred yards off the dirt road we drove in.

While that waterfall isn't quite as large as the one we visited last week, it's every bit as pretty.  And as an added bonus, the rock the nephew is standing on looks like this:

I call it Skull Falls. It may actually have that official name, but I'd never know because I'm always clueless about things like that. And I'm sure it's not nearly as noticeable without the leaves stuck in the eye sockets. But it's fun and I love it. I also find it fitting that I discovered that in the month of October, so close to Halloween. Bonus!

And yes, I'm a bit ashamed that I've lived here all my life and just now discovered that fun, fun waterfall in my own backyard.

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Flea said...

That's amazing! I'm so glad you found it. :)