Call Me, Maybe?

Josh has bad luck with electronic devices. Partly because he's a clutz like his mom and partly because he has bad luck with electronic devices. After dropping his phone and shattering the back, he realized that he could repair it all on his own. An $8 part made it brand new for him, right up until he laid it gently down on the screwdriver he was working with to put it back together and took a large nick out of the front of his phone. Since it was in the upper corner and under his Otter Box cover, he figured he could live with it. But gosh, the bad luck.

It wasn't too long after the repair (and subsequent breakage) that he dropped it while getting a drink. He dropped it into a bowl that was soaking in the sink. The bowl was filled with water. He immediately removed it from the Otter Box and placed it in a bag of rice. He took an iPod swimming once and rice miraculously healed that thing. We have great faith in the home remedy scoffed by some.

The rice did nothing.

Okay, that's a lie. The rice kind of helped, but the phone is now more schizophrenic than normal. Broken would have been easier to deal with rather than dangle a carrot only to find the carrot is plastic. The phone sometimes works and sometimes doesn't. And never when its convenient. He can't adjust a lot of the settings any longer, so he can't turn off voice commands. It hears the family talking or the dogs playing and is all, "Sure! I'll be glad to call that person for you!" and starts dialing. We hear Josh yell "CANCEL!" about 492 times a day. And when it decides that you really do need to talk to lots of people like this, it won't be deterred. He's tried turning it off to eliminate the hassle for himself but the phone turns itself back on without even being touched. And then it starts calling people again. Or face timing them. The phone is possessed.

The last straw was when Josh called the house phone at both 1:30 and 3:00 the other night. At 3:00 Sam called back. Neither party was happy to be awakened at that hour. The phone is now for sale on eBay as "for parts only; water damaged." It can call someone else. Maybe.

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