Happy Veterans Day

The school had an assembly for Veteran's Day on Friday. They had veterans come in to talk to the kids, because that's the very best way to teach kids what Veteran's Day is all about. Micah saw the veterans come in and saluted them as they walked by, because that's what the boy does.

When Micah sees anyone in uniform, he salutes. Firemen, police men, any branch of the military - they all get a salute. He saw someone in camos in the grocery store once and stood at attention and saluted him. The veteran was taken aback. Who expects to be saluted by a 10 year old in a grocery store? I get the awkward. And if you don't have kids of your own and aren't around kids much, I also get that you're awkward around kids. That's probably why he very awkwardly nodded before he hurried away. It was kind of comical. If not awkward.

The veteran at the school was so impressed by Micah's respect for the troops that he looked for Micah after the program and gifted my boy his hat.

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