In-House Comedy Show

Micah has discovered Jeff Dunham. The boy is a social laugher. When he hears laughing, he laughs, even if he has no idea why laughter is happening. He just loves to be happy.

I wish we were all like that, you know?

So a comedian is right up Micah's alley. He watches show after show of Jeff Dunham. I think it appeals to him even more because there are puppets involved. See? Adults play with dolls, too, just like Micah plays with Woody. It's not a bad thing, and in fact it makes people laugh. Win! Have I mentioned that this is so very something that Micah would love? Well, obviously he does.

For the record, Jeff Dunham isn't my favorite. He's funny, but sometimes a bit inappropriate. Its times like this that we're glad that Micah can't talk. There will be no repeating things that shouldn't be repeated. But the boy gets to laugh along with an audience, so that's a win.

And then I walked into the kitchen the other day and saw this.

That's Micah with a puppet, with Jeff Dunham on the iPad propped up on the counter there. So that's Jeff Dunham lending a voice to Micah, who is pretending to lend a voice to Woody, his puppet.

Innovation, for the win.

2 comments: said...

That is awesome! It is amazing how so much time, energy and thought is put into helping Micah overcome the language barrier thing and he still finds ways to do it himself, as well.

Rachel said...

Oh how much I love him, and this <3