Love Letters From Home

Taking care of Bronchitis Boy wears me out. Maybe it's the meds that jack him up, that I end up inhaling while medicating him. Maybe they have the reverse effect on moms. While he's definitely wired, I'm just exhausted. The good news is that his chest x-rays came back clear today, a week after being on treatments, antibiotics, and steroids. The bad news is that he missed a week of school, and was out today and will be out tomorrow as well, finishing up the last of his treatments.

The poor boy just isn't feeling like himself. We had an incredibly wonderful visit with out of town friends over the weekend, and went out for lunch with them today before they headed out again. We left Micah home with the teens, and he randomly cried for no reason whatsoever. Other than he missed mama. I find this incredibly sweet, but it's a huge sign that he's not right. The boy generally is all "see ya, mom!" any time he can. In fact, at one point, he had to call me just to be sure I was coming home again. And then had Becky help him write a note.

See that? On the left side? The top word is "Mom." The next line is "I love" and the third line is "you." And then he signed his name and everyone in the family's name. The level of adorable of that is almost worth him not quite feeling like himself.


Mellissa Rose said...

That is awesome! It was great to see you guys! :)

Nikki said...