Do You See What I See?

The note home from school said that Micah has been squinting a lot when looking at the board, and brings his worksheets closer and closer to him so that he can see them. The school doesn't do a very comprehensive vision test on someone like Micah, so they rely on doctor's reports to tell them what's up with my boy. I scheduled an appointment with his eye doctor, and waited for the day to arrive. I also envisioned my smallish boy with glasses on, and thought how dapper he'd look. And wondered if he'd ever wear them, if he needed them.

The day of the appointment arrived, and we waited our turn in the play room at the office. Micah was called back, and they asked him to read letters on the wall while he sat in a chair. He got most of them correct and failed a few, but its hard to tell if he failed because he couldn't see or if he didn't know the letter. Or if he just couldn't really say the letter that he correctly saw.

There's so much that confuses us about this boy.

They looked into his eyes with lights and had him track with his eyes only and other doctor related stuff, and he passed with flying colors. The doctor gave the all-clear that his eyes were just fine. I'm not entirely sure that I believe this because I heard him say his letters, and am very sure some of those were counted as right when they were, in fact, wrong. I think the kindly lady gave him the benefit of the doubt because he couldn't speak clearly. I was beginning to think I should get a second opinion when the doctor said, "his vision actually improved from last year."

So there's that.

The only thing we can guess is that the squinting and paper shuffling is a stall tactic to either get out of doing work, or to get attention when he's bored. Both scenarios is something that Micah wouldn't hesitate to do. But his eyes are good, and we're glad, because I had doubts on whether he'd even wear glasses.

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