Midnight Movie Madness

I have trouble sleeping at night. It's my age that's to blame. Or maybe, more accurately, my life stage.  I've been in this oh-so-fun life stage for about 3 years now. The doctor told me that I was a lucky one, getting to experience it about 10 years earlier than most of the population. I'm so fortunate that way. I should also play the lottery, because with my kind of fun luck I'd choose all the numbers that win things like $5 back for every $10 I spent in lottery tickets.

The fact of the matter is that I get hot at night. I lay there fast asleep, and next thing I know I'm hot. So hot that I can't am awakened out of sleep. I know the drill by now. Throw off the covers, lay there in the freezing cold, get up and use the restroom, lay back down in the freezing cold, and when I start to feel chilled I can cover up and go back to sleep. Most nights I get to see every hour on the clock. It's a lot of fun, this stage of my age. So when I do sleep, I sleep hard to try to make up for all that awake time I get to have during the night.

When I was up at 3AM last night, I noticed that the hall light was on. This means that Micah is up, or was up. I figured it best to go check to be sure it wasn't the first option, and sure enough he was watching a video on his iPad with the volume turned the whole way down. Little stinker. This is the child who has to have the volume up so loud that the deaf in Brazil could hear whatever he's listening to at any given moment. I confiscated his iPad and sent him to bed. I left the hall light on since he needs that to sleep, and went back to bed myself. Since I'm perpetually exhausted due to that lack of sleep thing that I have going on, I was asleep before I hit the pillow I think.

The next thing I knew, Sam was telling Micah to lay down. Apparently an hour had passed, Sam noticed the hall light on, caught Micah watching a video on Luke's iPad (that he uses for an alarm clock, and that didn't go off the next morning because Mr. Smarty Pants had the device on mute), and made a make-shift bed for Micah on the floor of our room. I missed the whole part where Sam got up, retrieved Micah, and made a bed, and woke up just in time to hear him say to lay down on the floor there. I was hot again, obviously.

So while I was laying there trying really hard to be half asleep while being very half awake and hot, I heard a squeak. The half asleep part of my brain struggled with the half awake part of my brain, but they couldn't come to a conclusion on what the squeak was. This happened in a split second, mind you, and then I heard a second squeak just like the first one. And while my tired and disgruntled mind was wishing it could just sleep without having to decipher weird sounds in the middle of the night, a third and prolonged squeak happened.


There was nothing half asleep about any part of me anymore. I bolted upright, screamed, and grabbed my phone for a flashlight. Shining the light around the bed made me feel better, because there is not a mouse around that's going to just sit on the floor where it landed and wait to be discovered. Of course I saw nothing.

As I was trying to calm myself enough to maybe perhaps fall asleep again, I realized that Micah was breathing hard. And then the very awake parts of my brain said, "maybe those squeaks were Micah's stuffy nose whistling for air." And if I stretched my imagination enough, it could have been the lace on my cami that tickled my chest. But I will forever say that it felt like mice feet scurrying across my chest.

And worry a bit as I sleep again.

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