We're Trying Something New In The Ear Department

There is so much to blog about, and I've been too busy to sit down and write much. I'll get to them all at some point, I'm sure. But today I'm journaling for posterity's sake. This is my go-to for knowing what Micah has had done in the medical field, and today he had an ENT appointment.

Why yes, he does have an ear tube out.

This is a new record for him. His last set was installed 3 months ago. That boy is an overachiever in the ear tube expelling department. It's really quite amazing. A small part of me finds this absolutely hysterical because a new doc put them in this time, and New Doc's ego is larger than he himself is. (He's a smallish man.) The ego was all, "I put the long term tubes in for him." I pulled out my pin and popped that ego by saying, "he's had those before. They came out in 4 months." Dr. Ego looked at me like I was stoooopid and didn't even know what color the sky is on Tuesday.

A very large part of me wants to march Micah right back to Children's Hospital and have Dr. Ego re-install that ear tube just to watch him scratch his head and say, "that was the long term tube. It was supposed to stay in for a few years."

But instead Dr. Completely Awesome and I decided that we would see if perhaps my boy has outgrown the need for ear tubes. We will return for another exam and test in a month. And we'll continue to determine on a monthly basis if he can hear well  or if his ear drum is wreaking havoc in there doing things that it shouldn't, like fusing fast to his middle ear. We'll put Set #12 in if/when needed of course, but in the meantime we're crossing our fingers that maybe Set #11 was his last one.

I may also make an appointment with Dr. Ego just to see him be completely baffled about the long term tubes lasting a record breaking 3 months in Micah's left ear.

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