I'm Going Thrifting!

I have realized today that I'm a bit of a thrift shop junkie. I have always loved thrifting, but lately it has gotten a bit excessive. But there are just so many fun things to be found there. It's like a perpetual yard sale. Indoors. And almost always an awesome find is to be had.

I got a vintage pink velour chair for photography a few months ago. It was $15. The thing is awesome. It needed a footstool to go with it, so I found a black one for $5. Sweet. They're in the living room, looking all vintage-like.

I wanted a vintage sofa for photography as well. I had a nice cream colored sofa that I was using but realized that I no longer had a "nice" sofa but one that needed to retire. It wasn't as snappy looking in photos as the people I was photographing. Craigslist gave me the sofa of my dreams for $35. Except it needed reupholstered. No worries. $50 worth of fabric later and its done. AND it looks far better than I ever thought I'd get used. An $85 vintage sofa is a sweet find indeed.

I have end tables and accent pieces and picture frames and glassware, all second hand because someone decided that they needed a re-do in their house and donated their castoffs.

Today I found the best red leather oversized chair you ever will see. It was an exorbitant $40, but I took it anyway. It looks absolutely dandy in our bedroom between our $5 end table and $5 extra large floor vase. That means I'll have to take my little yellow set of matching chairs to the basement, but thats alright. They've served their purpose here, and I paid $10 for the set years back. You may have seen one in photos here and there. I move one downstairs to sit by a dog crate when a mama has new puppies. They are sized perfectly for me to sit and watch mama and babies any time I want. Which is all the time, really. When I have puppies, of course.

The other find this week was one of those hideous octagon end tables that were all the rage back a few decades. We owned one proudly in our newlywed years. Yes, I bought another on purpose. I plan to make something super fun with it, but that'll be a post for another day.

So do you thrift? And what are some of your best finds if so?


Nikki said...

I love thrifting. I need to go more often to find things that can be used for fabric upcycling!

MsTeb said...

I wanna see pics! Love thrifting, it helps greatly with my vintage Pyrex obsession ;-)