She Knits! She Purls!

There are few things on a bucket list for me. Partly because I have few ambitions, and partly because if I'm interested in something I find a way to do it. See that few ambitions part. The only things I don't just do cost money and prohibit me. Like traveling the world for an entire year. Or being able to just vacation for a week every season with the kids because we love to travel.

Yes, travel ranks as my number one priority as far as bucket lists go. I've visited 41 of the 50 United States. But as far as other countries, they're not as easy to get to. I'm working on that though. Some day...

So the smaller version of the bucket list - we'll call it the tin pail list - is more like make my gardens look awesome, visit all the state parks in our area regularly, be a successful business owner, figure out the dog raising thing, find something to laugh about every single day with my kids, learn to knit, learn to needle felt, find a way to organize the laundry room once and for all...

You know, all sorts of incredibly boring and domestic things. My life is that kind of fascinating. But the way I look at it, I'm doing what I love. And that makes me incredibly happy. Far too many people long to simply love what they do every day.

Today I knocked out "learn to knit." Becky stated that she'd like to learn to knit so she could make infinity scarves, so I said, "me, too!" and we found a class and took it. This was a one-on-one class at a local(ish) knitting store. The teacher was four kinds of awesome. And patient. And skilled at teaching. I credit her for being able to compliment us on our skillz in learning to knit so quickly. Seriously, she was impressed.

I now know the difference between knitting and purling. I can knit and purl back and forth all day long and make a very long scarf because that's how far I got in the hour that we spent there. Becky actually started her infinity scarf because she's young and teachable and far more advanced than I am. Plus I chose a harder pattern with a cable stitch that I'm going to have to go back to learn after I practice my knitting and purling for a bit. But the awesome teacher didn't discourage me from choosing a more complicated pattern as my first project. She actually just said, "it's all the same stitching, just learning how to manipulate them correctly." I love people that don't discourage you right up front and tell you that you can't do a particular thing. I love people that let me figure out all on  my own if something is far too difficult for me to do.

So stay tuned for all sorts of knit things emanating from my bag. Scarves for everyone! Sweaters for dogs! Strings of nothingness because it's all I can accomplish!

But it's one more thing off my bucket list. I'm so proud of me for doing this.

Yes, there is that flaw right there in the middle, making it pucker and draw tight. Thanks for noticing! That's why I'm practicing knitting and purling before working up to a cable.

Stay tuned for the yarn addiction coming up next.


Flea said...

BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! A yarn addiction. Shoot, I don't know how to knit or crochet and I have to fight the urge to buy skeins and skeins of yarn, just because. I'm so proud of you!

Sarah said...

I see no flaw. I see excellent tension for a beginner. Enjoy your new hobby - it's a great one! (I may be slightly biased) Make sure to visit if you haven't already.