So Many Questions. No Answers.

Micah has been overtired lately. I blamed the extended holiday thing we have going. Our family took vacation the last week of school before Christmas break. The kids were off school for 2 weeks before going back. The first week back they had snow days and delays. Last week, Micah missed more school than he attended due to doctor appointments, ear tubes, and other appointments. We're just not getting into a routine here. I tend to let the kids stay up later on nights I know they don't have school, but that doesn't necessarily mean that Micah sleeps in. That boy and sleep are like oil and water.

This week is an extension of that weird holiday break we've got going. The kids had off Monday for Martin Luther King Day, and today was a snow day. I figured it would be a snow day when Becky came home from babysitting and said, "is it supposed to be bad weather or something? The colleges are already closing classes for tomorrow." (There is a college student at the home where she works.) I said that I hadn't heard the forecast at all, but the school hadn't called yet. I predicted that they'd wait until 5:00 in the morning to let us know that school would be cancelled.

Boy, did I call that. It was closer 5:30, but it was definitely in the 5:00 hour. Of the morning. My cell rang, waking me from slumber. On snow days, I go turn off Luke's alarm so that he can sleep in. But the last time I did that, he thought he forgot to turn his alarm on and frantically scrambled when he realized that he overslept. To avoid this, I wrote a note that said, "No School Today" and went to his room to set it by his clock. But when I walked into Luke's room, I just stood staring at the bed. Micah wasn't in it. And because it was 5:30 in the morning and my mind wasn't very sharp, it took me forever to actually process things. I finally had the thought that Micah wasn't in our bed, so I then went though beds of our house in my mind. He never tries to get into Becky's bed, so that must mean he's in Josh's room. Weird. Why wouldn't he have come to our room? That's what he always does.

And then I heard the click of a door unlocking, and the sewing room door opened and Micah came walking out. That stinker was sitting in there in the dark watching a movie on his iPad with the volume turned down so that nobody would know he was up. At 5:30 in the morning. And now I have far more questions than I can possibly ever get answers for. How long was he up? How often does he do this? Why can he not just sleep through the night like a normal person? We gave him Melatonin before bed and he was still up in the night; what more is there to do to help him just sleep?

So many questions. No answers. But now I know that our extended holiday vacation thing isn't the only reason that Micah is rocking Overtired. Can I duck tape him to his bed?

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Blogget Jones said...

Oh for a snow day! I wish they'd give us one here! Still, it's bad for a routine, isn't it? I hope you enjoyed the rest of it!

:o) BJ