The Week In Recap

It was quite a week last week. One of those weeks where the highs are mountain top kind of high, and the lows were lower than the average "well this day kind of sucks." But this is the beginning of a new week, and we're hoping to just slide through it with neither highs nor lows because a week to recover from emotional stress is always good.

The recap of the week is that Sam's car was hit last Sunday, and while it looked like a major bend in the fender, it ended up being totaled. Nobody was hurt, which is always the most important thing. We fought with the insurance company all week who pretended to be ever-so-understanding of our situation and then bold face lied to us stating that they didn't hear from the other party and therefore couldn't help us. We called the other party who said they filed the claim first thing Monday morning and their agent refused to return calls to them after that. She had to get a manager involved to get them to actually respond and pay out. This, people, is why I hate insurance companies. But we are expecting a check in the mail for nearly what we paid for that old car last spring, and we'll be on the lookout for a new work car for Sam this spring.

So there was that.

And then the puppies, of course. Puppies are always awesome. Except when things go wrong. And after 14 years of raising puppies, I've learned that things go wrong more often than not. I learn something new with every single litter. This time I learned that too much milk can cause problems. We avoided mastitis, but ended up losing a puppy. The whole puppy thing was an emotional high and low in itself, and being on "make the puppies nurse" watch every 2 hours over the weekend has me looking like a zombie. But the remaining 3 girls are doing very well and I think we're out of the woods.

Micah was at the dermatologist on Friday to try to clear up that thrush that he's been dealing with since Halloween. To quote the vet, "you're supposed to get candy at Halloween, not candida." (When it's 2 in the morning and you're sitting around watching puppies breathe in a Ziploc bag, you just talk about random stuff. But he does have a point. And a sense of humor.) The dermatologist put him on Nystatin, which he probably should have been on in the first place, and we're hoping for good results.

Josh was put on meds for his acne from the same dermatologist, but the drugs are on national back order and can't be found anywhere. I found some, because I was a mom on a mission. I drove myself 40 minutes one way to pick them up, and we have a month's supply. We're expecting great things from those drugs as well.

Micah's bike has been taken on its maiden voyage around the streets of Grandma's house. He rode like a madman, grinning like the cat who swallowed the canary. He did round a corner far too fast and tip the thing at one point, but he wasn't hurt. And I kind of love that he has to learn safety on this thing, just like a real bike. Micah kind of loves the independence he has in the form of wheels. Clearly, that was a very high spot this week.

And perhaps because I'm overtired and not processing my emotions well, I'm going to have to talk about the weather. I've been so patiently enduring winter. I've heard complaints from even the most winter-tolerant people out there, and have refrained from complaining myself. Winter happens where we live. I'll admit this has been a particularly cold one with a long bout of excessive snow, but it's winter. But last week spring came. We had temperatures into the 30s and 40s, and we were thinking summer had arrived. It was glorious indeed. Tonight, however, the snow blew in on a strong and gusty wind, covering over the ice that formed from the rain earlier in the day. Winter is back. I am not amused. And its very hard biting my tongue to keep back the complaints.

This is the start of a new week. Surely we'll be able to just glide through it without any highs or lows, right?

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